Twitter Users Not Happy Dunkin' Donuts Is Dropping 'Donuts' From Name

"I'm not okay with this at all. This doesn't even make sense. 'Dunking' by itself has no subject or direct object."

It looks like Dunkin’ Donuts is going to be spending a lot of dough in the coming months just getting rid of the “Donuts” in its name.

The Massachusetts-based chain known for, well, doughnuts (oh, and coffee), announced on Tuesday that, starting in January, it will henceforth be known simply as “Dunkin’,” according to Business Insider.

The 68-year-old chain may be dropping “Donuts” from its name, but not from the menu. The Canton, Massachusetts-based brand said the name change is one way it thinks it can stay relevant with younger consumers, according to NBC News. The orange-and-pink color scheme and its familiar rounded font will remain.

The company has been testing the abbreviated signage in select stores since August 2017, and the shorter name isn’t exactly unprecedented: The company’s slogan has been “America runs on Dunkin’” for more than a decade.

Still, the change is apparently hard for some people to take, based on the reactions of a number of Twitter users:

Dunkin' Donuts New Look