Harebrained Robbers Steal Donuts, Not Cash, From Dunkin' Donuts

There are now officially two ways for donuts to foil would-be criminals. If you've ever seen Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons, you know about the first way: donuts fuel late-night crime-fighting.

The second is a little more convoluted.

Last Wednesday night at 9, a trio of masked men entered a Dunkin' Donuts in Hyannis, MA, on Cape Cod, armed with knives and hatchets. They were looking for cash. When they saw that two employees were carrying a brown paper bag, they assumed it held money from the day's donut sales, so they demanded the bag. They took it and made their getaway—only to find that the bag was filled with donuts, not cash.

The attempted robbery was caught on the store's security camera. The men were arrested on Thursday.