Duplicitous Donald Dupes & Dopes!

Duplicitous Donald Dupes & Dopes!
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Friday night's spectacle at The University of Illinois at Chicago was in my opinion morally corrupt duplicitous treachery, incredibly astute politics and offered a window into systemic issues of prejudice and bigotry.

Let me begin by stating unequivocally that many Trump supporters are bright individuals who are fed up with the system and genuinely like his no holds barred, straight speaking put up with no s**t attitude.

His self-proclaimed business acumen and ability to solve trade issues by sitting the CEO's of companies down for 20 minutes is appealing if not amusing.

He promises to bring jobs back to America. Great. I think he can. Though personally I'd sleep better at night knowing it was Bernie Sanders doing this.

The latest word on the street is that there are two Donald's. The one who rails at rallies spewing hate provoking speech that empowers a small core of his followers to violence. The other a quiet reticent man who likes to be home sipping cocoa and in his bathrobe by 8:30pm.

Trump has become dangerous to the nation.

For months he has been fomenting divisiveness. He is appealing to and revealing the ugly side of the underbelly of prejudice.

Trumps blatant anti: Mexican, Muslim, Latino, Women and other xenophobic statements are dangerous and risk creating civil unrest. His remarks when "Black Lives Matter" members protest his rallies are inflammatory and send a clear message to his followers.

Imagine what will happen if the Republicans have a brokered convention and Trump isn't given the nomination. We may see violence that is redolent of the 1968 Democratic convention.

Do you really believe his followers will go as Dylan Thomas wrote "... gently into that good night." Does Trump want them to?

It's my belief that Donald J. Trump regrets running for President. I think he narcissistically thought he could stir up the pot -- and he did. I don't think he expected that he might get the nomination.

Now he's trapped with no way out. He would risk raising the ire of some of the more volatile citizens in the country -- his most hard core supporters.

Dupes & Dopes -- Trump's brash, flamboyant style and star power has duped many citizens into what seems like a dope induced trance where they believe whatever comes out of his mouth. He's actually said precious little if anything at all constructive.

His supporters don't care. He is the "Donald" and will shake things up. It's almost their mantra as they salute and pledge him their allegiance.

What's worse is he doesn't believe all the trash he spews and is bound to let down his followers in a manner they won't take lightly -- especially if he is elected President.

Trump's cancelled campaign speech was an incredibly astute win-win. He knew that violence would erupt before he scheduled it. Then he waited until after it was supposed to start to cancel. Is it possible this was his plan all along?

CNN, MSNBC & Fox News pre-empted much of their programming for hours, rerunning the same videos of clashes between Trump followers and the protesters. FREE PUBLICITY. The man just can't lose. You gotta give credit where credit is due.

That brings me to my final thoughts.

We all have to vote for the individual we feel will help our country unite and be a nation of which we can be proud.

Trump certainly won't unite us despite not being part of the establishment. Hillary has an incredible amount of baggage. If elected I don't believe she has the power to bring us together as a nation.

And then there's Bernie! Trump supporters may not agree with him on lots of policies, but he's the only other candidate devoted to bringing industry back to this country. He's never flip-flopped. He is arguably the most consistent politician you will ever meet.

For Conservative Readers:

If you can get past the fact that he calls himself a Democratic Socialist you might just find that he'll stand up for you, guarantee a living wage, universal healthcare and educational opportunity for your children. Are any of these things you don't want for your family?

The Donald and Bernie have something else in common. It would be fun to sit down with both of them. Donald because he would make you feel so powerful and Bernie because something about him seems like family. You just want to give him a huge hug!

You've read one man's opinion. Now follow your heart!

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