The Strongest And Most Durable Laptop Cases For Klutzes

From protective shoulder bags to waterproof laptop sleeves, these cases are sturdy and surprisingly affordable — they start at under $25.
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With hybrid work models gaining prevalence in the workforce, figuring out how to safely transport a laptop during a commute is a priority for many people, but especially for those of us who are known klutzes. There’s nothing quite like the sweat-inducing fear of potentially damaging either a work-issued laptop or one you paid for yourself. They cost a pretty penny, and properly storing and transporting them can make a big difference in their longevity.

The internet collectively gasps anytime a celebrity holds their laptop in a stressful way; it’s become a tongue-in-cheek symbol of the difference between how wealthy people value expensive objects vs. how the rest of us need to care for these precious investments. But for those of us who need to safeguard our laptops like our lives depend on it, there is an answer: hardshell laptop cases.

We’ve rounded up some of the sturdiest, most durable, rugged and virtually indestructible laptop cases around, including sleeves and shells that double as a carry bag. Get one for yourself or give it as a gift for someone who is a known destroyer (or just an extra-cautious dad, for Father’s Day). They’re perfect for travel, commutes or safekeeping when not in use in your home. You never know when an errant glass of wine is about to go flying.

These cases are water-resistant, drop-proof, bang-proof, kid-proof and butterfingers-proof, so you can rest easy knowing that your laptop is safe from harm. Keep reading to pick one up for yourself, with prices starting at under $25.

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Tomtac protective laptop shoulder bag
Available in six different colorways, this padded fleece laptop case doubles as a carrying bag with room for quite a few extra objects. It cuts a surprisingly chic figure thanks to the stylish handle and versatile pockets. Rubber bottom corners give a bit of extra protection from drops, while the water-resistant exterior fabric protects from storms and spills and two sealed pockets make it a breeze to carry around and access extra items. You can snag it in various sizes to accommodate your device, from 13 to 17 inches.
Domiso laptop sleeve with handle
Featuring four different size options starting at 13.3 inches, this Domiso laptop case is shockproof and waterproof thanks to an outer surface of high-quality thickened EVA material. It protects against accidents big and small, from scratches to dents, scrapes, spills and more. It also has additional storage, with two interior pockets for things like phones, chargers or cables. You can get it in black or mint green, if you prefer a little more pizzazz.
Finpack laptop sleeve case
Available in 12 different colors including a few kicky marble and galaxy patterns, this case is great for someone who wants to slide their protected laptop into another bag for carrying. It comes in multiple sizes starting at 11 inches, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. This case is made of a semi-hard EVA shell with anti-scratching polyester that protects from bumps and bangs, scratches, dust and spills. This particular kind of fabric repels water and is more durable than traditional polyester, making it a good long-term investment as well.
Nacuwa protective laptop case
This case comes in four different sizes starting at 11 inches, and has a hard shell that keeps your laptop safe from drops, bangs and other accidents. The cover is water and dust repellant, and the slim case offers four-layer protection as well as internal storage for accessories like a mouse, notepad and more. Just tuck it into your backpack or tote and get going.
Thule padded sleeve
Thule's heavy-duty molded padded sleeve accommodates laptops and devices up to 13 inches and keeps them safe from bumps and scratches. It's rugged yet sleek, and can be easily spirited away into a backpack or purse. Another cool feature is that the laptop can be used while still in the case: You just prop it open and go to town. It just might be the least cumbersome case of the bunch, while still offering much-needed protection.
Smatree hard shell carrying case
Available in three different colors, this portable and dare we say stylish sleeve case comes with a handle removable shoulder strap, though the silhouette is sleek enough to tuck into another bag. It's compatible with 11- to 14-inch devices and is made of high-quality materials that keep your laptop safe from rain, splashes and crashes. It also has a soft interior pouch for other personal belongings, doing double duty as a briefcase of sorts.
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