Durex Vibrating Underwear, 'Fundawear,' Enables Phone Sex Via IPhone App (NSFW VIDEO)

NSFW: Vibrating Underwear For Phone Sex

Feel that tingle down there? It might be a long-distance call.

Condom-maker Durex has introduced app-controlled underwear that vibrates, the company announced in a YouTube video viewed more than 500,000 times since Wednesday. The promo (watch above) features a slightly naughty demonstration by an Australian couple remotely "touching" each other.

The premise is that if you and the main squeeze want to get busy while you're apart, you can put on the Fundawear and buzz each other via iPhones. You simply drag your fingers across an app diagram of the body parts you want to stimulate remotely. Wires and sensors convey what actual touch cannot.

And we used to think that "Skype me" sounded suggestive!

Fundawear is still in the experimental stage, so no word on a release date. Visit its Facebook page for more on how to score a free prototype.

Outlets have had some fun with Fundawear. Cult of Mac imagined preoccupied users zapping themselves in public. The Sun called the undies "his'n'hers buzzing briefs"

Durex isn't first to the virtual-sex party. LovePalz developed a pair of intercourse simulation gadgets that women and men can connect to their erogenous zones for long-distance loving.

WATCH: Warning, video is NSFW.

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