Durkee Sauce: What Made This Mustard And Mayo Condiment Famous?

Next time your deviled eggs need a little shake up, Durkee Sauce is the way to go.

Like a lot of the American regional foods we've been obsessing over lately, we were first introduced to Durkee Famous Sauce by Court Street Grocers in Brooklyn. Not only are their shelves one of the few places we've ever seen it for sale, they also slather their Turkey + Durkee sandwich with the mustardy, vinegary, mayonnaise-based concoction.

It's actually pretty hard to figure out the history behind Durkee Famous Sauce. According to Durkee, which also manufactures spices, marinades and powdered sauce mixes: "This popular tangy sandwich spread has been around for over 100 years! It was even served in the Lincoln White House!" While we have no way to substantiate that amazing claim, we prefer to believe that President Lincoln enjoyed his potato salad, deviled eggs and turkey sandwiches the way we do -- with Durkee Sauce.

Supposedly, in the early days (like, Abraham Lincoln early), Durkee was made in Buffalo, New York. Now, it's produced in Iowa and has become a staple in plenty of midwest kitchens, with a particular following out of St. Louis. One Chowhound user even claimed to have eaten a Thanksgiving turkey basted in Durkee Sauce. Next time your deviled eggs, coleslaw, grilled cheese, etc. need a little shake up, maybe Durkee Famous Sauce is the way to go.

If you can't find Durkee in your local shop, you can pick up a bottle online and give it a whirl.

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