Durrell Brooks Sentenced To Three Days In Ohio Jail for Sagging Pants

Suspects who sag their pants in this judge's court are in for a stiff punishment.

Lorain, Ohio Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok sentenced Durrell Brooks to three days in jail for contempt of court Thursday because the defendant's pants were so low they showed his underwear, NewsNet5 reports.

Brooks was in court for a friend's traffic violation when the supposed-sagger approached Mihok's bench. As Brooks walked back from the bench, Mihok caught a glimpse of the defendant's underwear and decided to arrest him, NewsNet5 reported.

Mihok told the station that Brooks is the third person in the past month he's detained for courtroom dress code violations.

“They’re all adults who come into this court, so they should know how to dress themselves at this point,” Mihok told the Chronicle Telegram. “I hope it’s a fad that ends soon.”

Mihok said he does not think his requirements are unreasonable.

"At least you have to have your pants up,” Mihok said. “I don’t think I’ve set the bar too high.”