Dustin Hoffman's Dirty "Tootsie" Sex Story (VIDEO)

Dustin Hoffman told a filthy, bleeped-out anecdote from his "Tootsie" days while on "The Late Show" this week.

After Letterman held up a photo of Hoffman in his Dorothy Michaels costume, Hoffman said he had a dirty story and was cheered into telling it.

While filming the 80's classic, Hoffman went in costume once over to Woody Allen's office, where he bumped into Jose Ferrer in the elevator. Wanting to see if he could fool Ferrer, Hoffman (as the middle aged Michaels) engaged him, telling the aging acting legend that she was from the Dallas theater and was a fan.

Then he/she sexually propositioned him.

Watch Hoffman tell the story, and better yet, watch Hoffman tell Ferrer's response.