Dustin Lance Black: Obama's Gay Marriage Announcement A 'Gamechanger'

Obama Has Dustin Lance Black Saying 'Yes We Can' Again

Dustin Lance Black, Oscar-winning writer of the movies "Milk" and and "J. Edgar," is back on Team Obama.

Black told the Huffington Post Wednesday afternoon that he was deeply moved by President Barack Obama's statement in support of gay marriage, which he called "a game changer."

"It does show leadership. It shows strength. And all these things I've been waiting to see," Black said. "I've caught myself saying, 'Yes we can' again."

Black's enthusiasm stands in sharp contrast to his strongly-worded op-ed in the Hollywood Reporter on April 26. He called for those in the LGBT to consider withholding support for the president because of his spotty record on gay rights. (Black later said the Hollywood Reporter's headline misconstrued his position.)

Black said the stridency and passion of Obama's statement on Wednesday convinced him of the president's commitment to equal rights.

"This was such a bold statement -- more than I ever expected, more than I ever dreamed of," Black said. "I heard everything I needed to hear."

Black also affirmed his support for Obama in a blog post with a link to Obama's reelection fund. He argued that the president's public statement of support for gay marriage should serve, for those in favor of equal rights, as a call to action rather than a victory.

"We in the LGBT community need to get out and change more minds, to make sure that this statement gets translated into a incredibly positive political position for our president," Black said. "President Obama listened, and did everything we asked -- so now we've got a lot of work on our hands."

In politics, of course, work is never far removed from money. Before today, Black had helped raise $3.5 million in support of same-sex marriage through a star-studded reading of his play "8," a re-enactment of the federal trial that led to the nullification of Proposition 8 in California. (The money went to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, of which Black is a board member.) Black said Obama's statement renews he is a board memberhis excitement about financially supporting Obama's reelection.

He's far from alone in Hollywood. On Thursday, Obama will attend a 150-person fundraiser at George Clooney's home in Studio City, co-hosted by DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, that is expected to raise $12 million, the most of any single event in presidential history. And he'll be back in town on June 6 for a $2,500-a-head dinner hosted by Obama's LGBT Leadership Council.

"I wasn't planning to go before today," Black said of the June 6 event. "But now I'm doing all I can to clear my schedule so I can go."

CORRECTION: This article originally identified "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy as the host of the LGBT Leadership Council Dinner. He is actually hosting another fundraising dinner at his home on June 6.

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