Dutch Designer Hopes to Turn Times Square Billboards Into Art

Justus Bruns is a Dutch designer with a vision and a mission: to turn Times Square into a public museum, replacing the adds on billboards with his very own selection of art submitted specifically for this event. Instead of the headache inspiring advertising that overwhelms the streets of Times Square, NYC, imagine if this technologically bright melting pot could be turned into an art mecca? With a little donation, and a lot of dreaming and scheming, it seems that this might be a possibility.

Bruns' project Times Square to Art Square would be a vacation from the sea of advertisements in Times Square, and a testament to the power of grassroots art. Reminding us of conceptual artist Jenny Holzer's socially charged billboard art of the 80's, Bruns project is not the first of it's kind, but it is definitely one of the largest, and very symbolic of this generation, using the social networking of our time on it's side. Let's hope this project can give voice to this new generation of artists.

While this project is still a dream, Bruns and his team are slowly reaching their goal of $10, 000 in donations through Kickstarter. If all goes well, this project could take over Times Square in the fall or spring of 2012.

Check out the TS2AS website to submit your own ideas, and to read more about the project and its obstacles, check out GOOD.