Did This Dutch Interview Just Go Horribly Wrong?

When conducting an interview, it's often best to test the waters.

Then again, if you're looking to make a splash, the all-in method is surprisingly effective. Just ask this Dutch host, who was filming a promo for "Sail Kampen," a ship festival in the Netherlands, when things went horribly wrong.

As the clip above shows, after filming the introductory portion of the promo on the aft section of a ship, the unnamed interviewer approaches Kampen Mayor Bort Koelewijn to ask a couple of questions about the festival. Halfway through, though, she seems to lose her balance and proceeds to flail, then fall, into the water below.

The panicked mayor drops to his knees and seems to offers her his medallion, while a member of the film crew offers the boom mic. Someone then throws her a life preserver.

It's an attention-grabbing video, no doubt -- so good that some are questioning its authenticity. Rotterdam's Algemeen Dagblad newspaper was quick to point out the host works for IJsseldelta Marketing, which, conveniently, is helping promote Sail Kampen.

What do you think: real or fake?