Dutch Royal Family Portraits Show Off Queen Maxima's Stylish Brood (PHOTOS)

Obama girls, brace yourselves: An iconic royal family is offering up some serious competition in the preppy style department.

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander wrangled together their sprawling family for their annual summer photocall on Friday, and the final shots are more charming than a J.Crew catalog. As it turns out, our favorite Netherlands queen's daughters, Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane are every bit as stylish as their fashion-forward mother.

The whole family wore spunky patterns, statement necklaces and saturated colors bright enough to give Michelle Obama a run for her money. Including Willem-Alexander, perhaps the trendiest king around, who got creative in stripes and bright blues (Take that, POTUS). Even Bo Obama's gotta watch his back -- the family's black lab, Skipper, is a pretty photogenic pup.

Posing on the lush grounds of their Netherlands estate, Maxima and Co. are the cutest royal set we've seen in a while. Think they've got room in their castle to adopt us?






maxima willem


They got it from their mama:

Queen Maxima's Most Memorable Looks

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