Tour The Dwarf Planet Ceres In This New 3D Video

Mystery continues to surround this odd celestial body.

Get ready to take a tour of dwarf planet Ceres, where mysteries abound -- and get your 3D glasses on if you want the full effect.

A new virtual video from NASA (above) features stunning graphics of Ceres while explaining what questions scientists still have about the dwarf's bright silvery spots and strange pyramidal mountain.

The video's narrator Marc Rayman, director of NASA's Dawn mission, describes the dwarf planet's odd "spots" and landscapes. In the video, Rayman says that more data is needed to understand the world's bizarre features. 

"We look forward to new, higher-resolution data from the mission's next orbital phase," Christopher Russel, Dawn's principal investigator, said in a written statement. 

The Dawn spacecraft is currently orbiting Ceres, which sits between Mars and Jupiter in an asteroid belt.

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