Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Fails To Convince His Daughter He Was In 'Moana'

The actor's attempt sinks like a Rock.

What can we say except “You’re Welcome.”

In an Instagram video posted over the weekend, Dwayne Johnson attempts to prove to his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana, that he was in Disney’s “Moana” by singing his character Maui’s signature song.

Johnson wrote in the post, “Could this be the glorious day my sweet baby Tia, finally accepts that her daddy is the demigod, Maui from MOANA?”

[Narrator: It wasn’t.]

The Rock has no problem redirecting a torpedo and holding a helicopter with one arm, but apparently convincing his daughter he’s the voice of Maui is a far more impossible task, as you can see below:

“Aaaaaaaand that’s a very firm, NO,” he added.

This is just the latest failed attempt in The Rock’s ongoing mission to get some credit from his daughter.

Back in April, Johnson posted another video singing the song with the caption, “And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui. She has no idea, we’re the same person.”

Earlier in April, Johnson sang the song as a way to teach her, and everyone else, how to wash their hands while sheltering at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

At least the actor keeps trying, even if — true to his nickname — his efforts sink like a ... you know.

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