Dwayne Johnson Knows Exactly Why People Want Him To Be President

Make America Rock again.

Will Dwayne Johnson “rock” the White House? 

This week a PPP poll showing the actor and former wrestler leading Trump in a hypothetical 2020 presidential race went viral. The Rock knows why.

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Johnson said he’s flattered but unsure if he’d be the right fit for the job. He understands the reason people want him to run, though.

“I don’t know if I would make a good president. I know that I have a certain skill set, and I think it’s in that skill set that people see and that people would want me to run,” he said.

The actor continued, “And I also think that’s reflective of them wanting to see a better leadership happen right now.”

You can say that again, dude. Trump’s approval rating just hit a new low at 42 percent in Politico/Morning Consult’s weekly survey.

That’s not a cute look.

Johnson previously told GQ that he saw running for president as a “real possibility,” so who knows what could happen? If you’re curious what a 2020 race of Johnson vs. Trump would look like, Jimmy Kimmel has you covered.

Yeah, it'd probably be something like that.