Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He's Running For President -- In A TV Show

The Rock was wrestling with the idea for the sitcom "Young Rock."

It’s time to Dwayne the swamp, on TV anyway.

Dwayne Johnson’s new TV show, “Young Rock,” is taking a look at different periods of his life through a comedy lens, including an apparent run at the presidency in 2032. Talking to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” the actor (who’s hinted at a real run at the White House in the past) revealed why.

Though different actors were going to be playing The Rock’s younger self, show creator Nahnatchka Khan told him the audience would want to see him, too.

“We sat for a few weeks, and it was her ― she came up with the idea,” Johnson said. “She said, ‘Well, what if we set it in 2032 and you’re running for president?’”

The former WWE star wrestled with the idea, saying, “I don’t know. It feels a little political.”

Still, Khan told him to think it over, since there are people who would actually like to see him in the White House. Ultimately, it was his wife Lauren Hashian who gave him the final push.

Johnson previously talked about “considering” a presidential run, even joking about the possibility on “Saturday Night Live.” Now, at least fans will finally see the White House get Rocked ― even if it is just for NBC.

See the full interview, including The Rock’s mom’s crashing of it, above.