Dwayne Yeager Staged Break-In To Get Out Of Work, Police Say

Would You Go To Jail To Get Out Of Work?

We've all had those mornings when we just didn't want to go to work. But police say 31-year-old Dwayne A. Yeager of Brandon, Fla., took that feeling to the next level.

He allegedly staged a break-in at his home so he wouldn't have to show up at his job.

"My door's open, my windows to my son's bedroom are wide open," he said in a call to police that was recorded and replayed by Bay News 9. "My TV's in there on the ground."

He also described a car leaving the scene as "a white, kind of little Honda Civic pulling away. White, it had kind of like a black fender."

But police found no sign of forced entry, and say surveillance video tells another story -- because it appears to show Yeager setting up the break-in.

In addition, neighbors say they saw Yeager leave, return home and open the windows himself, CBS Tampa reports.

Police say Yeager eventually admitted he ransacked his own home to make it look like it had been robbed, then called police to get out of going to work.

"He stated his wife was adamant that he go to work and he didn't want to," according a police report cited by the local Bay News 9.

Yeager was hauled off to jail and accused of providing false information to law enforcement. He was later released on $500 bail, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

There's no word yet on what his employer thinks about all this, but there's at least some chance he won't have to worry about going to work for a while.

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