Dwight Clark's Ashes Are Buried Next To 'The Catch' Goal Post

"The dynasty began with you," reads the plaque above his remains.

Former football player Dwight Clark can now rest in peace in perhaps the most fitting place.

His remains have been buried next to the actual Candlestick Park goal post where he made “The Catch” ― the last-minute touchdown grab that led the San Francisco 49ers to their win over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 10, 1982.

The iconic play sparked a remarkable run for the 49ers, who would win three Super Bowls during that decade and two more in the 1990s.

The goal post was later relocated to the Montana ranch of former team owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. That’s where the ashes of Clark ― who died at age 61 last month ― were placed in the ground under a plaque near the post that reads: “The dynasty began with you.”

Steve Mariucci, a 49ers head coach after Clark’s career ended, posted a clip of the spot in a Twitter video. “Rest in peace, my friend,” he said.



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