Dwyane Wade Yelled At David Stern At NBA Labor Meeting: Report (VIDEO)

It seemed like things took a turn for the worse on Friday during a meeting between the NBA brass and the players. According to multiple reports from ESPN, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade flipped out at commissioner David Stern.

According to Chris Broussard, the meeting became "incredibly heated," especially when Wade made "pointed remarks" at Stern.

Fellow ESPN reporter Ric Bucher tweeted that a source informed him that Stern had been pointing his finger at the players while speaking. That is apparently when Wade shouted, "You're not pointing your finger at me. I'm not your child."

Broussard reported that Wade and the other superstars "nearly stormed out of the hotel." Union chief Billy Hunter was said to have calmed the players down. Not surprisingly, Broussard tweeted that the owners were "stunned" by the players' resolve.

Yahoo! Sports reporters Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears confirmed the confrontation and wrote that Wade had "referred to Stern as 'David' twice during the exchange."

To make matters worse, Wade, LeBron James and Chris Paul reportedly told the union that they're actually willing to sit out a year instead of making any more sacrifices.

Speaking to NBC's Darren Rovell on Saturday morning, Wade revealed that he hasn't felt that the owners have shown they're willing to meet the players half way during any of the many meetings between the sides.

Great, just great...