Dwyane Wade, Erik Spoelstra Argue During Heat-Pacers Game 3 (VIDEO)

Amidst a terrible 2-for-13 shooting performance, Dwyane Wade unleashed some frustration during Game 3 against the Pacers on Thursday night. But it wasn't the Pacers who he took his anger out on. Instead, he got in a heated argument with Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra.

During a timeout in the third quarter, ESPN cameras caught Wade going off on Spoelstra while they stood face to face. As the 30-year-old walked away, Spoelstra appeared to say something. Upon hearing this last comment, Wade circled back to argue some more. Veteran teammate Juwan Howard and others on the visitors' bench had to calm down Wade before the game resumed. The Pacers would go on to win, 94-75.

At the beginning of last season, the first year for Miami's super team, Spoelstra was involved in another tense moment with a frustrated member of the "Big Three." LeBron James appeared to bump Spoelstra in the shoulder as he walked to the bench for a timeout during a game against the Mavericks. They were losing by 10 at the time.

Spoelstra downplayed that bump, claiming that he didn't notice it until somebody mentioned it to him after the game.

UPDATE: Following Miami's Game 3 loss, Spoelstra addressed the altercation during his postgame press conference.

"You have no idea how often things like that happen. That was during a very emotional part of the game. We were getting our butts kicked. Those exchanges happen all the time during the course of an NBA Season," he said. "Dwyane and I have been together for a long time. We've been through basically everything -- a lot of different roles and a lot of different teams. That really is nothing."

When Wade was asked about the incident, he simply said he did not know what the reporters were talking about.