Dwyane Wade Says Gabrielle Union ‘Planted’ A Rumor About Him

"This did not happen, people. She's lying," the former NBA star told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

Dwyane Wade denied a rumor that he had a poster of his future wife, actor Gabrielle Union, on his wall at college.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” the former NBA star claimed the story was “planted” by Union because she’s “a bigger celebrity than me” and appears on more shows than he does.

“That is a lie,” Wade, 39, told host Stephen Colbert of the tale.

“This is a planted story. This did not happen, people. She’s lying,” he added of his wife, 49.

But the retired athlete left a little wiggle room.

“Now, I had the magazine that she was on the cover of and probably was under my pillow, but it wasn’t on the wall,” he cracked.

Colbert admitted there was “a big difference.”

“Don’t disrespect me like that,” Wade jokingly added.

Watch the interview here: