Dwyane Wade Hangs Out Onstage With Pop Music MVP Taylor Swift

Wade gave the singer a custom Heat jersey.

Dwyane Wade is one of the best, toughest basketball players around, but get him around superstar Taylor Swift and he turns into an adorable fanboy with a sheepish smile. 

Wade got the chance to hit the stage with Swift when she took her 1989 tour to Miami. The Miami Heat shooting guard presented Swift with a No. 13 jersey -- a number that holds specific significance for both of them. 

"13 is her favorite number and it's my 13th season starting 2morrow," said Wade in an Instagram post with a picture of Swift. "#Lucky13 thank you @taylorswift for having me at your concert tonite and for allowing me to welcome you to Miami-WadeCounty!!! American Airlines Arena is insane right now... #heatnation#BiscayneBoys." 

Wade presented the special jersey to Swift onstage and welcomed the singer to his "house." 

See more photos of the two at the concert below: 

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