Woman Takes Home Dying Dog, Embarks On Loving Last Adventures With Him

One dog lover is making sure that a pooch will enjoy his last days to the fullest.

Nicole Elliot, a 24-year-old from Columbus, Georgia, was looking through animal shelter Animal Ark Rescue's Facebook page when she came across Chester, a dog who needed an owner, according to WTVM. Chester had been rescued from a high-kill shelter and had a tumor on top of his head. Though the pooch is a senior dog with terminal cancer, that didn't deter Elliot from deciding to foster him.

After bringing the canine home late last month, Elliot set out to complete a "bucket list" with Chester to give him memorable final days, according to a Facebook post. The two have been embarking on adventures ever since with Elliot documenting the experience on "Chester's final journey," a Facebook page for the pooch.

The 24-year-old hopes that her project will ultimately motivate others to look into adopting senior pets.

"That was my main goal -- to inspire and encourage people to adopt shelter animals that people are less likely to adopt, like older ones and the terminally ill," Elliot told ABC News.

Elliot and Chester have already checked off quite a few items from the bucket list. Chester went on a shopping spree, took an oatmeal bath, went swimming and ate hot dogs among other activities. He's also had fun playing with Elliot's cats and other pup, Pierre.

And Elliot told ABC News that she's got more plans in the works.

"I also want to take him on a boat ride, to the beach and to have professional photographer take pictures of him," she said. "I want to have [the photos] after he's gone."

Chester was surrendered by his previous owners before ending up at a high-kill shelter, WTVM reported. After he was rescued, the pooch had surgery to remove some tumors, however, they continued to show up on his body. The canine currently has cancerous lumps on his body and is heartworm positive, according to a Facebook post. Given the challenges he's faced, Elliot says she's more than happy to provide some joy in his life.

"He deserves it," she told ABC News. "His past life didn’t seem too well."

The before and after of Chester after being saved from deathrow at the pound in Columbus. I want to thank Animal Ark...

Posted by Chester's final journey on Sunday, June 28, 2015

While Elliot has many more plans for the pooch, there's one special bucket list item that she's been calling on the Internet community to help her out with -- supporting animal shelters. She's created a crowdfunded campaign to help Animal Ark Rescue and encouraged others to support the shelter as well as the rescue animals in it.

It's unclear as to how much time Chester has left, but Elliot says this won't be the last time she's helping rescue animals like him. She intends to care for other senior pets with illnesses in the future, according to ABC News.

"I think all animals should have a chance to have a happy life," she said.

To learn more about Chester and his adventures, visit his Facebook page here . To learn more about Animal Ark Rescue or to donate, visit the crowdfunding campaign here.



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