Dylan Ratigan: I Was Too Aggressive On MSNBC (VIDEO)

Former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to discuss his new venture, Archi's Acres, which aims to build a hydroponic organic farm in San Diego. But he told HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps that he looks back on his career in the media spotlight with one main regret.

"The biggest mistake I used to make in my old job is," Ratigan said, "instead of attempting to convince people of my point of view (which I probably spent too much time doing), I think it's a much more effective communication tool and experience to simply enroll people in stories that are interesting to me and hope that the audience similarly enrolls in those stories."

Ratigan conceded that he believes he "could have been more effective" if he had "perhaps been a little less aggressive" in his attempts to convince people of the corruption in the banking system.

He added that one thing he does miss from being on national television daily is "the opportunity to communicate in a way that is able to touch so many people."



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