Dylan Ratigan, Tamron Hall Report Live From Occupy Wall Street Protests (VIDEO)

Dylan Ratigan and Tamron Hall were "taking it to the streets" on Wednesday when MSNBC expanded its Occupy Wall Street"coverage and sent talent and camera crews to report live from the protests.

Protesters had criticized the media for failing to effectively cover Occupy Wall Street in mid-September when it started, but coverage has since increased dramatically. Hall noted that protests have spread to fifty cities in the United States, making it a national news story.

Hall and Ratigan discussed the target of the demonstration. "Who are they blaming for where we are now?" Hall asked Ratigan. Ratigan explained, "it's a combination of large wealthy private interests, and our government, and that we have gotten ourselves auction-based democracy." He added, "94% of the time, the candidate that raises the most money wins [the presidency]."

Ratigan clarified that he does not see Occupy Wall Street as a "political movement" but rather a "principled movement," as the protesters are not aligned with a political party but adhere to a principle of fairness. "They want to restore a sense of fairness to the taxpayers relationship with their government, when their government appears to be working on behalf of, exclusively, those that fund them," Ratigan passionately said.