Entire Community Shows Up To Child's Piano Recital, Makes Him Feel Like Beethoven

Entire Community Shows Up To Child's Piano Recital, Makes Him Feel Like Beethoven

An 8-year-old's piano recital may not sound like the musical event of the summer, but for one community in Minnesota, it was exactly that.

On Saturday, Dylan Spoering's front porch piano recital in Minneapolis drew hundreds of people, according to Fox 9 News. It all started when Dylan made posters for the performance he planned to hold on his front lawn, and a local musician named Thomas Rehbein saw the sign. Rehbein decided to make a Facebook page to encourage people to attend.

"I have no idea who Dylan Spoering is, but he made this sign and put it out in his front yard, which I saw while biking home," Rehbein wrote on the Facebook. "Wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of people showed up for his free concert?"

Dylan with his homemade sign.

Despite bad weather and rain, around 400 people showed up to support Dylan, KARE 11 News reported.

The event was also streamed live online and nearly 10,000 people watched, according to Fox 9 News. The enthusiastic fans cheered Dylan on after he had finished the songs selected from his elementary school playbook, even demanding an encore from the delighted kid.

Many of the fans who flooded the lawn brought signs, some even proudly called themselves "Dylan Heads."

All in all, it was an incredibly touching gesture by a community, and not a bad turn out for a child's piano recital.

We're looking forward to your next performance, Dylan!

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