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The First Dynamic House By The D*Haus Company Can Become A Reality With Help From Kickstarter (VIDEO)

And with a little help from Kickstarter, it can become a reality.

Imagine flipping a switch and having your home fold into a completely different shape. It sounds hard to believe, but British architects David Ben-Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson are hoping to make "dynamic houses" a reality--and you can help.

London-based firm The D*Haus Company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. If they reach their initial goal of £30,000 (or $45,762) by May 15th, they'll be able to manufacture a smaller-scale project, the D*Table. But they have high aspirations for their larger concept -- with £250,000 (or $381,350) they can commission a team to begin working on the D*Haus.

dynamic house
The D*Haus

Both their furniture and architecture are inspired by the "Haberdashers Formula," devised by mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney. This proposition explains how a perfect square can be turned into an equilateral triangle by cutting it into four distinct shapes. The architects' designs use this theory so their structures can be transformed into eight different configurations. When they came up with this plan, they had inhabitants of the Arctic Circle in mind, because these options would allow people to move their home's rooms based on the change of seasons and the direction of the sun. Woolfson told Dezeen, "Not many people know it, but they have warm summers and also really cold winters."

Watch the video above and head over to Dezeen to learn more about the project. Make sure to visit their pledge page on Kickstarter if you feel like supporting their cause.

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Converted Homes

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