Doctor Explains Why E-Cigarettes Are Just As Dangerous As Tobacco Cigarettes

Currently there is "no regulation on a federal level of e-cigarettes," Dr. Cuomo said.

There's a misconception that e-cigarettes may be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but according to Margaret Cuomo, the author of A World Without Cancer, the two are both dangerous. In the video above, watch Cuomo explain the risks involved when you smoke e-cigarettes and how they're being marketed to kids and sold to minors.

Correction: A previous version of this video misidentified one of the chemicals in the e-cigarette smoke as tin; it is zinc. It has been updated to correct a misstatement that tobacco smoke does not contain some chemicals found in e-cigarette smoke. A reference to risks of cancer associated with e-cigarettes has also been removed; rather, some compounds found in e-cigarettes are associated with risks of cancer and liver disease.

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