'Eagle Dad,' He Liesheng, Forces 4-Year-Old Son To Sail Alone

WATCH: 'Eagle Dad' Forces 4-Year-Old Son To Sail Alone

In February, Chinese father He Liesheng, dubbed "Eagle dad,"caused an Internet uproar after footage of his 4-year-old son He Yide running almost naked in a blizzard went viral. Though many accused He Liesheng of abuse -- in the video, the boy is shown pleading for warmth -- the father defended his actions. Now, Eagle dad is publicizing his questionable parenting tactics and making headlines for them again.

In a recent video posted on YouTube by ViralMediaGlobal, He Liesheng puts his son (referred to as Duoduo) in a sailboat and forces him out to sea alone.

He Yide was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy, China Daily reported. When the original video went viral, He Liesheng said his harsh parenting tactics were part of a rigorous training schedule to make his son as strong as the "others."

Eight months later, He Liesheng is offering up the same defense. "I think that after Duoduo has been through around half a year of this kind of training, he should have the ability to sail out into the open sea, with the coach nearby," Eagle dad said in the video. "Only by placing him in a situation with strong winds and waves can he show his potential," he added.

He Liesheng believes the nickname "Eagle dad" suits him, China Daily reported, because:

"When the old eagle teaches its young, it takes the young eagles to the cliff side, beats them and pushes them to teach them to use their wings, and I believe I am helping my son in this way - to force him to challenge limitations and exceed his own expectations."

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