'Eagle Dad' Forces Son To Run Almost Naked In The Snow (VIDEO)

The latest animal parent "Eagle dad" has caused an Internet uproar after uploading a video of him ordering his four-year-old son to run almost naked in a blizzard. According to China Daily, the father, He Liesheng, recorded the video of his son, He Yide, on a family vacation to New York during the Spring Festival holiday.

In attempt to make his son -- who was born prematurely, and may have cerebral palsy -- as strong and healthy as "others", he's implemented a rigorous training schedule including swimming, hiking and jogging. The documented run was not part of training. That, He said, was just a "New Year's gift" to his friends.

"The naked run on Chinese New Year's Eve just represents my good wish for the coming year," He clarified.

He has adapted the title "eagle dad" because, he explains:

"When the old eagle teaches its young, it takes the young eagles to the cliff side, beats them and pushes them to teach them to use their wings, and I believe I am helping my son in this way - to force him to challenge limitations and exceed his own expectations."

The video shows young He Yide, practically in tears, dropping down to do push-ups in the snow. It's been viewed over 100,000 times and has sparked outrage among commenters and bloggers. In a quick scroll through the comments on YouTube, the words "abusive" and "evil" appear repeatedly.

But He's assistant, Xin, told AFP that He has ignored criticism of his harsh parenting tactics, maintaining that the fact his child survived showed "tenacious vitality". And He stands behind his intense "eagle" education method claiming that the boy now has "no problems."