Eagle Gun Range Offers Birthday Parties For Children As Young As 8 Years Old

Some 8-year-old kids might want a clown or a magician for their birthday party. The Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, Texas is catering to a very different kind of kid.

The gun range now offers children as young as 8 the chance to celebrate their special day by pumping bullets out of cold, hard steel.

WFAA reports that, beginning this summer, the range will have two rooms available to host birthday parties.

"The age limit is eight years old. You have to be tall enough to get above the shooting table,” Prince told WFAA. “They're not gonna be left unattended. Parents are gonna be one-on-one, or if there's not enough parents, we'll have range safety officers here to show them how to do it safely."

The "Range Rules" on Eagle's website include the provision, "Young shooters (under 18 years of age) are ONLY allowed to shoot on the range with their parent or guardian; one young shooter per adult. No children are allowed on the range nor are they to be left unaccompanied in the showroom while adults shoot."

Yahoo News noted that birthday parties aren't the only gun-themed events aimed at children. Last Christmas, toddlers in Arizona were allowed to pose for pictures with Santa Clause while holding high-powered firearms.

WFAA reports that the gun range has been well received by neighbors, but some parents might not be so crazy about their kids firing guns they are too young to legally purchase.

Huffington Post blogger Kristen Howerton wrote that she's uncomfortable with the idea of her child even playing with toy guns. Though, she admits it has been an uphill battle to keep her son away from fake weapons.