Eagle Parents Keep Their Eggs Warm No Matter How Much Snow They're Buried Under

It's time to add "dedicated parent" to the list of a bald eagle's fiercest attributes.

This, after images went viral Thursday of an eagle weathering a winter storm to keep its eggs warm under a heavy coat of snow in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The photos, captured via a live stream on the Pennsylvania Game Commission website, show the eagle's beak barely protruding from a mound of snow; the rest of its body is completely buried.

eagle nest

A tweet from the Game Commission helpfully explains the bird stays warm by fluffing its feathers for insulation and eating food. No matter how uncomfortable it may get, the eagle will stay put on those eggs.

"She's going to continue to incubate those eggs. She knows she has to maintain them at certain temperatures," Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesman Travis Lau told the Hanover Evening Sun. "She's going to think of the eggs first and herself second.

eagle covered in snow

Fortunately, the eagle also has a partner to help manage the responsibility. According to WTOP, the eagle's mate took over warming duties sometime mid-afternoon Thursday.

eagle in snow

State wildlife officials told ABC27 both the eagles -- and their eggs -- should have no trouble beating the cold. The eggs will likely hatch in the next two to three weeks.


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