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Do You Own This Ear? British Police Looking For Owner Of Appendage Bitten Off During Bar Fight


WARNING: This post contains a graphic photo some readers may find disturbing.

Do you live in Huddersfield, England? Were you involved in a drunken bar fight Sunday night? Are you missing one of your favorite diamond studs?

West Yorkshire police are looking for the proud and probably imperiled owner of an ear left on the sidewalk. Two men have been arrested following the brawl, where an anonymous man purportedly had a large portion of his ear bitten off, with an earring still inserted, The Guardian reported.

“The male who we believe was injured in this incident has still not been traced and has not contacted police," a police spokesperson said.

Ear aside, human bites can lead to serious infection if left untreated and can be more dangerous than most animal bites. You should contact a medical professional if a bite becomes swollen and painful, or involves the hands, feet or face.

The photo above was taken by Ashley Haigh, a bartender working at the establishment where the fight broke out. He told the Evening Telegraph police arrived around half an hour after the ear was bitten off, and took it away in a sandwich bag.

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