You Really Don't Want To Know What Caused This Guy's Itchy Ears

Here's something you never want to find in your ears.

Call it a reason to never share your earbuds ― or anything else that goes in your ears.

A doctor in Vietnam told Newsflare he found dozens of tiny mushroom-like growths around the eardrums of a patient who had complained of itchy, painful ears. The likely reason? The unnamed patient had been sharing “ear hygiene equipment” with others.

The doctor, identified only as Dr. Cuong of Hanoi, recorded footage of the shroomy blooms via an endoscope. He told Newsflare he removed the mushrooms and that the patient would recover within a few days.

The condition, called otomycosis, can be caused by swimming in tropical areas, according to Healthline. It’s more common in people with diabetes or certain other conditions. However, as the patient in Vietnam found out, bacteria and funguses can also be spread by sharing stuff that goes inside your ears.

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