These Earplugs Won't Make You Look Silly At A Concert

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It may be a bummer to hear, but sustained exposure to loud music (i.e., anything above 85 decibels) has been shown to permanently damage your ears. It’s why many musicians wear earplugs, and why you probably should, too — but it doesn’t have to throw off your game.

It’s not ideal to pull out a pair of earplugs during the show or put on a bulky pair of over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones at the beginning of the concert. That’s where EarDial plugs come in. They’re a discreet lifesaver for the modern music fan.

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With a practically invisible design and comfortable fit, EarDial plugs are a less-dorky alternative to noise-blocking earplugs. Made of clear, hypoallergenic silicone, these earplugs are designed to go in easily and stay in all night if they have to. They work by filtering dangerous noise levels so you can still hear music and chat with your friends, tamping down the volume without sacrificing sound quality.

Perhaps most importantly, however, they won’t make you look silly at your favorite show. They’re barely noticeable in your ears, and the companion app lets you know how long you can safely listen to the music at the level it’s at. When the music dies down, you can tuck the earplug in the handy aluminum storage case that can clip onto your belt or keychain.

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