Earls Restaurant Changes Name Of 'Albino Rhino' Beer After Human-Rights Complaint

Restaurant Changed Name Of 'Albino Rhino' After Complaint

Earls Kitchen + Bar will no longer use the word “albino” to describe one of its craft beers after a woman with the congenital disorder lodged a human rights complaint against the Canadian restaurant chain.

Ikponwosa Ero, a Canadian woman with albinism originally from Tanzania, said in the complaint that “Albino Rhino,” a craft beer offered by the company, has “an adverse impact on persons with albinism in that it is demeaning and humiliating for the complainants to have their condition featured as a menu item,” The Province first reported. (Albinism is an inherited disorder that “results in little or no production of the pigment melanin,” which determines the color of person’s skin, hair and eyes, according to Mayo Clinic.)

“Would you offer an Alzheimer’s appetizer, or a Down syndrome daiquiri?” Ero was quoted as asking in the Vancouver Sun.

Earls said in a press release that it will change the 25-year-old name on April 24 in response to the complaint:

Although we did not agree with the complaint, Earls wishes all members of the public to feel welcome at our restaurants and, accordingly, we no longer feel it is appropriate to use the word “albino” as part of our marketing.

When contacted by The Huffington Post, Earls clarified that no specific products will be discontinued; the name of the beer simply will be changed to “Rhino.”

“It's a good time to remove it,” Earls' communications department told The Huffington Post. “Time for a fresh start.”

Here is how the beer will be branded from now on:

earls albino

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