Early Voting Results 2012: Latest Figures From Colorado, Florida, Ohio & More

Early Voting Results 2012: Latest Figures From Key States

Early voting results figures are beginning to trickle out in key presidential battleground states across the country.

Actual vote tallies will not be made public until Election Day.

The AP reports:

About 30 million people have already voted in 34 states and the District of Columbia, either by mail or in person. No votes will be counted until Tuesday but some key states are releasing the party affiliation of those who vote early.

Below, the latest figures from the AP.

Votes: 1.6 million
Democrats: 35 percent
Republicans: 37 percent

Votes: 4.3 million
Democrats: 43 percent
Republicans: 40 percent

Votes: 614,000
Democrats: 43 percent
Republicans: 32 percent

Votes: 702,000
Democrats: 44 percent
Republicans: 37 percent

North Carolina
Votes: 2.7 million
Democrats: 48 percent
Republicans: 32 percent

Votes: 1.6 million
Democrats: 29 percent
Republicans: 23 percent

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