Earning the Business: Why Companies Are Putting Customization First

In today's business world, everyone is racing to be seen as an industry leader. Companies want to be the next big thing but without shelling out the money that may be needed to run certain business processes. And corporations are offering cheaper, boxed solutions to meet the basic needs of these rapidly iterating companies.

What used to happen was you would buy a mass-produced, all-in-one solution where what was in it was what you got. You might have shopped around for various options before selecting one that was at your ideal price point and still meet your basic needs. But what many companies find themselves left with is trying to fit their business into a piece of software they bought and not always getting the results they expected. It's like forcing a triangular block to fit into a square puzzle piece; sure, with enough force you can get the piece to fit but it's not a perfect fit.

EMS Barcode Solutions is doing the exact opposite of typical industry practices with Flowtrac Software. An inventory and asset tracking management software company founded by Eric Sutter based in Texas, EMS Barcode Solutions is the business expert you need to help you efficiently run your company. They believe "service is standard" - in other words, excellent customer service and going above and beyond the client expectation should be the industry standard. Instead of simply handing your clients a boxed solution, EMS Barcode Solutions, in conjunction with sister company Barcode Trading Post works with your business to identify the ideal solution to address your needs.

Increased software customization can lead to increased work productivity, and EMS Barcode wants to be held responsible for all of your problems. Consider this: you run your business' day-to-day activities but aren't sure how to effectively manage your inventory. Rather than figure it out on your own, EMS Barcode alleviates this problem by managing your inventory for you and using a custom-tailored solution to assist your activity.

The difference between mass produced and customized solutions is the extra mile that some companies will go. Suppose you were choosing between a department store shoe and a custom, hand-crafted shoe. If you purchase a regular shoe from the mall, it might not fit your foot exactly. The shoe could be a little wide or too narrow, and you have to spend the first couple of weeks breaking it in and getting used to that shoe. On the other hand, if you went with a custom pair, the shoemaker would take the time to ensure that shoe fits perfectly to your foot. EMS Barcode is like the experienced shoemaker - they create a custom fitting solution that fits your business. And every enterprise is going to have varying challenges and expectations; no two solution should look the same and EMS Barcode prides themselves on their ability to mold software to fit your business, not the other way around.

This notion of customization is fairly new in the software solutions industry. Previously, companies would offer a solution and ask how it would fit within your company. Today, EMS Barcode is asking the client about their needs and problems first, then finding the ideal solution to address those pain points. Not only is this method much more effective, it also saves companies money down the road. Instead of having to replace a mass-produced boxed solution every few years, a customizable solution grows with your business and adapts to the changing problems as they appear.

As you grow your business, you'll notice there will come a time when you need a third-party hand to help you run your company. As you shop around for software solution companies, keep in mind the importance of customizable services and whether an enterprise is ready to serve you five, ten years down the road. Spending the extra money now to find a solution that is specialized and unique to your organization will save you time and resources in the long run. It's about who puts customer service first - the the companies who put their clients at the forefront are the ones who will emerge as an industry leader.