Earth Day 2013 Challenges: HuffPost Green Takes On Eco-Friendly Goals

Happy Earth Week, everybody!

Here at HuffPost Green, we know how important it is to pay attention to the world around us. But between keeping up with energy news, climate change and (of course) adorable animals, it’s easy to let green living go to the wayside.

In honor of Earth Day, members of our team are taking on a little extra something to remember that every small contribution can make the world a bit greener.

Last year, we embarked on seven Earth Week Challenges together, and many of you joined in. We wasted less water, unplugged, committed to a meat-free day, cut down on paper, recycled, reused, and packed a homemade lunch.

This year, Nick, James and Jessica are each focusing on specific challenges for the entire week. Nick is watching his waste, James is cutting down on his water and carbon footprints, and Jessica is focusing on eating more natural, less processed foods. Here is what we have to say about our goals:

Nick: I throw a lot away. Probably more than I have to, especially since I just read about a couple that only had a shoebox full of trash at the end of an entire year. I'm not going to be that intense, but for my Earth Day challenge I'm going to cut back on trash -- I won't use something if it can't be recycled or if it's not compostable.

James: Living in a dense city like New York makes it easy to get around. I often walk, but sometimes get lazy and take a bus or train to work or wherever I'm going. This week, I will plan to only walk whenever possible.

I will also be conscious of my water usage and make a conscious effort to conserve. I'll shorten my showers, watch the kitchen faucet and find other ways to cut down on water waste.

Jessica: As a rule of thumb, I try to eat as naturally and healthily as possible. However, I am a sucker for all things sweet, diet and often processed. This week I plan on eating only natural foods, like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and hormone-free proteins. Cutting back on factory-made goods in packaging will cut down on waste, and eating natural foods will make me more aware of the amazing, direct health benefits the Earth provides.

So, dear readers, we invite you to join us for any and all of these challenges, or to take on an original! Tweet to us at #EcoChallenge, e-mail any media (like photos, videos or GIFs) to huffpostgreen@huffingtonpost.com, and post on our Facebook page. We look forward to sharing our green challenges with you, and being inspired by your eco-friendly choices.



Earth Day 2013 #EcoChallenges