Celebrate Earth Day 2015 With 10 Gorgeous Photos From Rain Forests Around The World

Celebrate Earth Day With 10 Gorgeous Shots From Rainforests Around The World

Wednesday April 22 marks Earth Day, a moment to celebrate the wonders of our planet and ponder the efforts needed to conserve its stunning beauty. The photos below were taken in some of the world's most magical rainforests, in locations ranging from India to Australia, Canada to Peru. Let them inspire you on this earth-loving day.

zackhussan / Instagram
Wayanad, Kerala, India
joemarshall / Instagram
Amazon Rain Forest, Peru
inkedadventurerer / Instagram
Poison dart frog. Sucumbios, Ecuador
benicoma / Instagram
Costa Rica
cody_the_nelson / Instagram
Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
slavaste / Instagram
La Paz, Bolivia
benicoma / Instagram
Costa Rica
berondi / Instagram
Geeveston, Australia
thenomadictraveller / Instagram
Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia
mrpoulsen / Instagram
Costa Rica

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