Earth Day: Cool Alternatives to Bottled Water

Americans buy more than $22 billion worth of plastic water bottles every year--that's more than 70 million bottles consumed daily. And worse, only 17 percent of those are recycled.
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I'm at the gym, totally killin' it on the treadmill. I mean, really working here. Sweat is pouring down my face and I soon notice how parched I am. I begin fantasizing about how satisfying an ice-cold bottle of water would be right now. It'd be so simple to walk down to the lobby and buy a delicious Evian from the vending machine.

But then I think about the affects that decision could have on my pocketbook, my body and the environment. I attacked the drinking fountain.

There's really no good reason to buy bottled water. It's expensive, can contain high-levels of bacteria and is a total mess for the planet. I've recently made a serious effort to cut this product from my life. Besides, many brands of "premium" bottled water--like Dasani--are nothing more than filtered tap water.

Americans alone use enough plastic water bottles in one year to wrap around the Earth three times.

In my exploration of shifting my rhythms away from plastic bottles, I found some gems. Take a look at these cool reusable water bottles and easy ways to reuse those pesky disposable bottles you already have on hand.

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