Earth Day Creator John McConnell Recounts Earth Day History, Importance (VIDEO)

Father Time may only be a mythical personification of the passage of years, but we believe the myth lives on in John McConnell. Way back in 1969, the man invented Earth Day.

Now a mere 97 years old, the Denverite told 9News "we have a great future if the human race will make proper use of the treasure we have been given."

While McConnell gets credit for the idea, Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) deserves credit for making it official. Nelson reportedly urged Congress to act after witnessing damage from the oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Much to McConnell's chagrin, officials selected April 22nd for Earth Day instead of the first day of spring; apparently more college students would be available on the 22nd as it avoided spring break and exam schedules.

WATCH McConnel's interview with 9News above.

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