Earth Day is Great. Earth Everyday is Better.

Every year on April 22, we spend the day focused on our Big Blue Planet. We plant trees. We pick up trash. We start a dialogue about what we can do make our home better.

While I don't deny that great things can happen in a day, April 22 is just that -- a single day out of many other ordinary days, days when our planet still needs all of us to be its advocate.

From my perspective, both businesses and individuals have important roles to play in protecting our planet every day. Can one person really make a difference? I've asked this question myself. It can seem intimidating, even pointless sometimes. But the reality is, even the smallest decision, when implemented over and over again, can lead to a larger impact. Earth Day is an opportunity to start new habits that we can bring to the Every Day.

I work at 1% for the Planet, and through our network, businesses across the globe commit to donating 1 percent of sales annually to nonprofits focusing on a range of environmental issues from food and water to land, species, and climate change. But today is the day dedicated to individual activism -- it is about what YOU can do to make an impact all year. Daily recycling and keeping your showers short are examples of great things, and there are at least 365 different ways to make an impact. You just need to choose one. Let's make Earth Day, every day by:

  • Valuing Body (and Planet) Wellness. What you eat to fuel your body doesn't just impact your personal wellness; it impacts the planet, too. Read your labels, know your sources, and push your favorite brands for transparency on the ingredients and processes than can affect the environment.
  • Nurturing Nature. Sometimes the land around us needs a little boost. From maintenance to conservation, know that the places we play and work need our love all year.
  • Rooting for the Underdog. So many species are at risk for a variety of different reasons. Commit to one of these, make them your personal mascot, and decide to pledge or support the protection of that particular species.
  • Keeping It Clean.Water means many things to different people depending on where and how you live, but no matter where you are one thing is clear: it is a precious resource. Let's aim to keep our water supplies clean and accessible for all for years to come.

Yes, Earth Day is great, and Earth Everyday is even better.