7 Profound, Multi-Faith Statements That Remind Us To Care For The Earth

Celebrate Earth Day by honoring the sacred bond between nature and humanity.

Many religious and spiritual traditions around the world teach that nature is sacred and deserving of our tender care. Many believe that the earth is divine unto itself, or a direct product of divine creation.

The health and vitality of the planet affects everyone, regardless of faith, race, gender or background. This Earth Day, which falls on Friday, let us put our differences aside to care for our common home.

Help us share these powerful quotes to remind our communities to honor mother nature this Earth Day and every day:

Pope Francis offers a powerful reminder to honor the Earth.
An Islamic declaration reminds us to protect the Earth for future generations.
Buddhist leader Thich Nhat Hanh decries the human actions that contribute to climate change.
Environmental philosopher John Muir reminds us to see nature as sacred.
Pagan leader Selena Fox offers a prayer for "planetary wellness."
The Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism praises the universe, "which lacks nothing."
The Baha'i community reminds us we must unite to care for our common home.
Pope Francis Quotes On The Environment