Here's What Would Happen If The Earth Were Flat And You Ran All The Way To The Edge

Here's What Would Happen If Earth Were Flat And You Ran To The Edge

Everyone knows the Earth is round--except maybe the members of the Flat Earth Society. But have you ever wondered what our planet would be like if it were more like a plate than a ball? Would things look any different for us? Would people really fall off the edge if they got too close?

For the surprising answers to these and other questions, check out the latest episode from Youtube series Vsauce.

"If the Earth was not a ball shape but was instead a flat disc ... with the right density and thickness, living in the middle could feel pretty normal," VSauce host Michael Stevens says in the video. "But as you move to the edge, gravity on a disc Earth would slightly skew, pushing at a greater and greater angle back toward the center."

The video also shows what it would be like to run over the edge of Earth (above). While you wouldn't die, you might get winded from the steep climb.

Flat-out cool!

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