Earth Night: 5 Ways To Green Up Your Sex Life

Along with Earth Day comes Earth Night -- you know, when it gets steamy in a way wholly unrelated to global warming? Or, at least, mostly unrelated? Here are five ways to green the bedroom:

5. Greener pinup calendars -- on recycled paper and sometimes raising money for a good cause -- are just about the tamest thing on this list.

4. Maybe there's something to learn from nature. Isabella Rossellini certainly seems to think so. She's the star of Green Porno.

3. In Chicago, there's sex toy delivery by bike. Heck of a business model. For when you really need something, you're concerned about your carbon footprint and can't afford the time to leave home for... whatever reason.

2. Greenpeace warns against toxic stuff in sex toys (yikes), so take a look at this list of greener (and potentially safer) choices, including vegan condoms, an all-natural wooden paddle and some other things you never would have thought about going green. I mean -- really? -- a hemp, vegan, allergen-free bondage starter kit? Perfect for the person who doesn't want to hurt anything other than the person they're with!

1. And then, of course, there's the solar powered bra and the, er, recycled dildo: