Earth to Wolf Blitzer

Dear Mr. Blitzer,

How is it possible, after a year of extensive media coverage, numerous scientific studies, and An Inconvenient Truth, you are still offering global warming reports that mislead and confuse the American public? Tuesday, when reporting on the new findings by the American Meteorological Society linking global warming to hurricane ferocity, you immediately undermined the report by giving equal weight to the one "skeptic" who says it just ain't so.

No credible peer-reviewed scientist in the world disagrees any longer that the globe is warming and that humans are causing it. The science is indisputable yet you continue to include in every story the disclaimer that "skeptics disagree." This time you quote Dr. William Gray, one of the very last holdouts, saying that global warming is "manufactured." Grey's opinion gets equal weight with the overwhelming worldwide scientific consensus on global warming. This is not only irresponsible reporting; it is, at this point in time, with so much at stake and the clock ticking, downright unethical. Giving the issue no coverage at all would be better than this.