Earth2Trump: The Resistance Starts Now

Earth2Trump: The Resistance Starts Now
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No president has ever come into office promising to do so much damage to so many people in so many ways.

But that's where we are with President-elect Trump. He threatens our nation's democracy, health and environment. And without resistance he will dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, gut the Clean Air and Endangered Species acts, raid our public lands, eliminate regulations protecting poor communities from pollution, deport millions, take away our reproductive freedom, and force already-oppressed people to live in fear.

But there will be resistance -- a vast, powerful and sustained force that stands tall, speaks with a single voice and loving heart, and fights every single day for what is right.

Starting Jan. 2, this resistance movement will come into full view.

The Earth2Trump resistance roadshow kicks off in Seattle and Oakland on a two-route, 16-city, cross-country tour that will rally and empower defenders of civil rights and the environment to resist Trump's dangerous agenda.

The tour is being organized by the Center for Biological Diversity, with our allies in the progressive movement around the country. Along the way we'll bring thousands of people to protest at the presidential inauguration in Washington D.C.

The shows will feature national and local speakers, great musicians, and an opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance to all forms of oppression and attacks on our environment. Participants can sign a pledge of resistance against Trump, meet others resisting in their community, and write their own Earth2Trump note that we'll deliver to Washington, D.C.

If Trump thinks this wave of opposition and resistance will burn out quickly and die, he's wrong. We'll be there every day, every week and every year to oppose every policy that hurts wildlife; poisons our air or water; destroys the climate; promotes racism, misogyny or homophobia; and marginalizes entire segments of our society.

This is only the beginning.

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