Earthquake Rocks Italy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A powerful earthquake has rocked central Italy, killing at least 90 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless, the AP reports.

Ambulances screamed through the medieval city L'Aquila as firefighters with dogs worked feverishly to reach people trapped in fallen buildings, including a dormitory where half a dozen university students were believed still inside.

Outside the half-collapsed building, tearful young people huddled together, wrapped in blankets, some still in their slippers after being roused from sleep by the quake. Dozens managed to escape as the walls fell around them.

"We managed to come down with other students but we had to sneak through a hole in the stairs as the whole floor came down," said Luigi Alfonsi, 22. "I was in bed _ it was like it would never end as I heard pieces of the building collapse around me."

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See a slideshow of the disaster:

italy earthquake

Watch this video:

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