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Earthquake Sculpture: Luke Jerram, Artist, Transforms Japan Earthquake Seismogram Into Incredible 3D Sculpture (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)


British artist Luke Jerram has created an incredible 3D printed sculpture out of a seismogram from Japan's horrific earthquake that devastated the country back in March 2011.

At 1.8 inches long and 7.9 inches wide, the Tohuko Japanese Earthquake Sculpture captures 9 minutes of the catastrophe that left nearly 20,000 people dead or missing.

By harnessing 3D computer technology, the data is visualized to represent the magnitude-9 earthquake, transforming it into a compelling sculpture with a 3D printer.

According to Jerram's website, the artwork is one of a series of data visualization sculptures the artist's recently built, including the Hiroshima nuclear bomb explosion based on a 28 second sound file.

Below, you'll see a series of images capturing the artwork along with a video giving a full 360 view of Jerram's breathtaking 3D sculpture.

Rotated Data Sculpture

The Tohuko Japanese Earthquake Sculpture

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